Meet Eliot!

Amelia and Mark adopted Eliot, a Feist mix who’s now 10 years old, in early 2011 from Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. Mark had been reluctant to adopt a dog, but when he and Amelia met Eliot (f.k.a. “Whitey Ford”) at a sidewalk adoption event, Mark changed his mind after one short walk with him around the block. Amelia says they filled out an adoption application on the spot, “complete with psychotic statements about how she ‘connected’ with Eliot instantly and would probably not survive without him.” A week later, Eliot was theirs.

Just about anybody could think they've instantly connected with Eliot.

Just about anybody could think they’ve instantly connected with Eliot.

A Happy Dog member since April of 2012, the folks at the McCarren Park location say that Eliot loves nap time, loves humans, loves dogs and is basically the epitome of affection. He wiggles his entire white body when he’s excited.

What’s Eliot’s credo? “Smell all the smells, eat all the treats, chase all the squirrels, soak up the love.”

What does he love the very most? Is there anything this dog hates? He loves sunbathing and hates to be moved when he’s conked out. He’s basically a crotchety old man now, in his elderly years.

Still life with canine sunbathing.

Still life with canine sunbathing.

What are his favorite foods and/or treats? Cheese, cheese, and cheese.

According to “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan, every dog needs a job. What’s Eliot’s “job”? He thinks he’s a guard dog for our apartment, but in reality he’s a clown.

​Eliot says, "Cheese!"

​Eliot says, “Cheese!”

What’s Eliot like after a day at Happy Dogs? Who’s his best bud at daycare? He is so pooped when he gets home! We’re not sure about his best buds, but we think they’re probably Mr. Fox and Cupcake, based on his cuddling pictures.

Happy Dogs = cuddle time for Cupcake and Eliot.

Happy Dogs = cuddle time for Cupcake and Eliot.

– Sarah Dohrmann