Meet Willie!

A 2-and-a-half-year-old male boxer who came to his dad Alec through his sister in Colorado who owned Willie’s mother, and who gave Alec the pick of the litter when the time came. Alec says he didn’t actually decide on getting Willie until the last minute, as they’d him labeled a female and his ribbon color was pink.

Here’s a pic from the day Alec met Willie when he was eight weeks old.

Baby Willie at 8 weeks old. (Aw.)

Baby Willie at 8 weeks old. (Aw.)

A member of the Happy Dogs at McCarren Park pack since March of 2015, Willie is at daycare six to seven days a week.┬áHe’s a laid-back guy seems to love everyone and everything. He sleeps some, plays with a pup or two, sleeps some more, plays some more, then eats, then sleeps, then plays…

In fact, according to Alec, that’s Willie’s credo: Eat, Sleep, Play!

Willie's such a happy dog.

Willie’s such a happy dog.

What does Willie love the most? Any human attention, but women more than men. Also: Kong tennis balls, tug of war, any meat or meat-flavored treat, sleep, and butt scratches.

Come 'ere, Willie. Let us scratch your butt.

Come ‘ere, Willie. Let us scratch your butt.

What does he dislike the most? Anyone in big, dark-colored coats like Canada Goose and Northface. He thinks they’re bears and barks and growls like crazy! And rain. The boy does not like being wet.

What’s he picky about? Treats. Many bags of things have been donated after he’s refused to eat them.

What’s he like after a day with the pack? Ten minutes of insanity when he walks in the house, then 12 hours of sleep, interrupted by two meals and walks. He’s much more fun on the weekends!

Willie gives the look.

Willie gives the look.

– Sarah Dohrmann