Jennifer Cheng – full-time, hands-on owner. Jennifer has made caring for dogs her life’s ambition after working all over the world as a corporate mergers and acquisitions lawyer – including years practicing at top global law firms Davis Polk and Simpson Thacher in New York, London, and Hong Kong. She’s been active with animal-related non-profits for years, including as a volunteer dog walker for the elderly in London and New York and as an advocate for animal rights with the New York City Bar Association. Above all, Jennifer loves to make dogs and their owners happy. Feel free to drop her a line any time at Jennifer is a graduate of MIT and UC Berkeley law school.

Alix – senior member service associate. A lifelong dog lover, Alix only wishes there were more dogs in the world she could give treats to. When she isn’t at Happy Dogs, she’s a published poet who spends most of her free time playing with her pet hedgehog, Dwayne ‘The Hog’ Johnson.

Katya – senior member service associate. Katya‘s instantly recognizable at the front desk with her signature eye makeup, quirky fashion sense, and ever-present flower crown. She intends to meet every dog in New York so she can tell each of them how wonderful they are and give them a belly rub.

Leah  senior member service associate. Leah has been an animal lover her whole life, and used to write stories about her dogs being superheroes when she was little. She still loves writing (and reading) in the time she’s not at Happy Dogs. Books take up approximately half of her living space.

Paul – pack handling leader. Paul’s experience with dogs has spanned the better part of a decade. In that time he’s developed a great rapport with all the people and dogs he’s encountered especially the ones at Happy Dogs. You will find Paul actively training the next generation of Happy Dogs pack leaders or giving well deserved pets to some amazing pups.

Dom – pack handling leader. Dom’s spent the past several years working closely with man’s best friend. His love for dogs is rivaled only by his passion for music – he’s played everywhere from Lincoln Center to City Hall, not to mention several off-Broadway musicals and a tour with Shaggy.

Twahlee – pack handling trainer. Our dog handling expert trains and certifies all of our pack handling staff, ensuring consistent high-quality care based on a firm understanding of dog psychology and the importance of pack energy. He brings us world-class experience handling dogs in a social pack setting.


Ien Cheng – owner. Ien, an experienced business executive, is Jennifer’s husband and helps out behind the scenes. He has worked at Google, Bloomberg L.P., and the Financial Times in various senior product and executive roles.