Cage-free, supervised overnight boarding

Come rassle with us!

Come rassle with us!

Whether for a night, a weekend, or a month, we would be pleased to take care of your dog while you are away.

Safe, supervised, cage-free overnight boarding with daytime play

  • While we’re getting started at our new location, all boarding dogs will be welcome at our sister store at McCarren Park. Note that we will not be transporting dogs from Southside, so you will need to drop your dog directly there. We will provide you with updates, including the livecam password for the McCarren Park location.
  • Our boarding facility is cage-free.
  • We provide high quality Kuranda beds.
  • Dogs are supervised 24 hours a day.
  • During the day, your dog will be integrated with our daycare dogs for safe and fun group play. (See here for more about our daycare.)
  • Dogs are walked in the morning and fed every night and every morning.
  • We administer oral medication and diet supplements on request (at no extra charge). NOTE: we do not give insulin or other shots.

Ready to get started?

  • To register your dog to board with us, please see here.
  • For rates, see here.

My wife and I take our dog there for daycare every day and she has boarded several times for up to ten days. She is a nervous dog and she tends to get anxious in boarding situations. We ve taken her to a few places in the area, which have not worked out. It s easy to see if she likes a place since, if she doesn t, she gets nervous, which causes her to get sick to her stomach. Not only is she fine there, every time she sees any of the staff, she wags her tail and jumps at them - this gives me a lot of comfort. The staff is always friendly. They've been good about dropping her off when we can't pick her up. We have had a great experience with Happy Dogs.

Von Archimboldi B.
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This is dog care and boarding done right. My wife and I have a blue heeler, and that breed becomes very attached and bonded to their people. He can be a real pain to leave with others because his behavior is just so particular and can be hard to deal with. Well the staff at Happy Dogs are one of the few that can manage it. We left him there for 4 days while we went out of town, and they took great care of him. We know this because we were constantly checking in on him with their convenient webcam, right from our smart phones. We could see that he was getting lots of attention, companionship from staff and other dogs, and that he was content even though he hates to be away from us.

We were both very satisfied with our experience. Their shop is also well stocked with great dog products. And the staff is very pleasant to work with. This is a great business, we highly recommend it!

Alan G
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We have had great experiences bringing our puppy to Happy Dogs, both for daycare and boarding. Our dog absolutely loves it there. He plays all day long, which we enjoy checking out on the live video on the website. It is nice to be able to check up on your dog at any time during the day. When we boarded our dog for several days, we got an e-mail update informing us how he was doing, including a few photos. This was a very nice touch, and we could be at ease knowing that our dog was doing well while we were away. Whenever we pick him up from a day or weekend at Happy Dogs, he is the most exhausted pup ever. I highly recommend Happy Dogs.

Julie P.
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