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Happy Dogs + Williamsburg waterfront + door-to-door pick-up and drop-off = ❤️

Why daycare?

  • Dogs are pack animals by nature and love socializing and playing with others.
  • Your dog will get plenty of physical and mental exercise, contributing to health and well-being.
  • After a fun-filled day with us, your dog will have less excess energy, and will be ready for calm, quality time at home with you.
  • Many dogs are happiest when they get to play with friends all day — rushed, often solitary walks are not enough

Why Happy Dogs?

  • Our daycare is supervised at all times by staff who serve as pack leaders who act as “referees of play.”
  • We systematically train our staff in a dog pack handling approach similar to that taught by well-known dog whisperer Cesar Millan — an approach based on “calm, assertive energy” and natural dog pack behavior, as opposed to artificial methods like spray bottles or cages.
  • All dogs in our daycare pass a thorough behavior assessment test, helping to ensure your dog will be playing with other healthy, happy, well-behaved dogs.
  • Our facility is air conditioned with a comfortable temperature all year round.
  • There is fresh water for our dogs at all times.
  • Live web cams are available to all members
  • Daily photos of the pack on Facebook/Instagram, with your dog’s photos tagged and available by email
  • We are obsessive about cleanliness. In fact, we have a “30 second rule” for cleaning up after dogs on the spot.

Door-to-door convenience for the waterfront

  • With our Happy Dogs Express van service for the Williamsburg waterfront, door-to-door weekday pick-up and drop-off is just $3 one-way or $5 round-trip.
  • We are open every day of the year. For hours, see here.
  • Our bright and beautiful location — where you are always welcome to come and see the pack in person — is at S. 3rd and Roebling, a pleasant stroll from the waterfront, just two blocks away from the BQE, and close to the Williamsburg Bridge, the JMZ trains at Marcy Ave, and the G train at Metropolitan.
Waterfront van pick-up/drop-off zones

Waterfront van pick-up/drop-off zones

What’s the total cost of daycare with and without pick-ups and/or drop-offs?

For some some common options:

How often?


+ pick-ups
OR drop-offs

+ pick-ups
AND drop-offs

A single day




3 days/week for a month




Up to 7 days/week for a month




Any 15 days within a 90 day period




For full pricing information, including the the perks if you choose a package or monthly subscription, see here.

What if I want my dog to get a walk during daycare?

No problem. We have a daycare walk service — just an additional $3 per walk. Just let us know you’d like your dog to get a daycare walk as part of his or her daycare visit.

Do you also do boarding?

Yes. See here.

How do I get started with daycare (and/or boarding)?

It’s easy to join the pack. See here.