Meet Ziggy!

Ziggy is a 1-year-old Miniature Australian Shepherd who’s been a member of Happy Dogs at 23rd & 1st since March 2016. His parents, Kari and Brian, also call him Zigster, Zigman, Zigmund, Ziggidy, Zigzag, Bear, Little bear, and Lovebug, but the staff at Happy Dogs simply call him “the little fluff ball”.

Baby Ziggy.

Baby Ziggy.

He’s been a daily Happy Dogs member since he was four months old, and his best friend is an Aussie/Husky mix named Chloe, who not only goes to daycare with Ziggy, but also lives across the street from him. In addition to Chloe, Ziggy has an expanding squad of Mini Aussies at Happy Dogs.

Ziggy and some members of his Mini Aussie squad.

Ziggy and his Mini Aussie squad.

If Ziggy could tell you his credo, what would it be? “Sticks make the world go round.”

Seriously, kid. Do not take Ziggy's stick!

Seriously, kid. Do not take Ziggy’s stick!

Loves: Brian and Kari. Also the usual: running and playing. STICKS (of course). And ripping the stuffing out of toys. Bones. SNOW is his absolute favorite. He would live in the snow if he could. Also worth mentioning again: STICKS.
Hates: Cars. (He gets very car sick.) He’s afraid of city grates, though he’s getting better.

What are his favorite foods and/or treats? Do STICKS count? If not: Bully Sticks, lamb lungs—any dog treats, actually. Also: carrots. Ice and SNOW are two other edibles for Ziggy. Oh, and PEANUT BUTTER.

Can you share a funny anecdote about Ziggy? Some dogs are skittish or fickle with their affection, but not Ziggy. He really soaks it all up. When he meets new people on the street or in an elevator, he goes right up to them and sits on their feet—actually on their feet. “You, stranger, may now pet me. You’re welcome!”

Yes, you may cuddle me. You're welcome.

Yes, you may cuddle me. You’re welcome.

What’s he like after a day at Happy Dogs?  He’s at first rejuvenated—runs home and wants to play. But then once his body hits the floor of the apartment, it’s lights out.

Ziggy's zonked after a day at Happy Dogs.

Ziggy’s zonked after a day at Happy Dogs.

– Sarah Dohrmann