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Time for a cuddle with a buddy

All rates are subject to New York City tax.


  • Our daycare prices start as low as $20 per full-day visit, depending on how you pay. There are three ways to pay:
    1. Monthly subscriptions – these offer our best rates for regular or semi-regular schedules, with enough flexibility to accommodate last-minute changes, plus a load of perks. Also, there’s no long-term commitment: cancel or change your subscription at any time. Please see above comparison chart and details.
    2. Punch cards — we offer 5- and 15-visit punch cards, which are ideal for more unpredictable schedules. As with monthly subscriptions, you get discounted per-visit rates plus lots of perks. Please see above comparison chart and details.
    3. Pay as you go — you can also pay as you go for individual daycare days. Half day rates are also available. Please see above comparison chart and details.
  • The perks for monthly subscriptions and punch cards customers include discounts on pick ups and drop offs, weekend daycare, boarding visits, and baths. For details see above.
  • Our daycare is a playful, social environment for your dog. Check out daily highlight photos and videos here, and learn more here.


  • Per night — $59
  • Late Checkout Fee — Your dog is welcome to stay after the checkout time of 10am or 1 hour later than our opening time, whichever is later. The late checkout fee is $25 within 5 hours and $39 for more than 5 hours.
  • Holiday Surcharge — $5 per night
  • Surcharge applies to major holidays: New Years Day Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend (Friday-Monday), July 4th Weekend (Thursday-Sunday), Labor Day Weekend (Friday-Monday), Thanksgiving (Wednesday-Monday), Christmas (24-28), New Years Eve.
  • Sibling discounts — 25% off.
  • Our boarding is always cage-free and supervised. Learn more here.

Pick up and drop off

pick-up and drop-off zones

pick-up and drop-off zones

  • Home pick-up and drop-off services are only available for our daycare services.
  • $5 – $10 each way depending on zones.
  • No additional charge for picking up or dropping off siblings.

Baths and touch ups

  • Baths — from $25 to $85– price varies based on breed, coat condition, and dog behavior; please contact us for an estimate
  • Nail clip — $10
  • Ear cleaning — $10
  • Anal gland expression — $10
  • Any two touch-ups above — $15
  • Any three touch-ups above — $25
  • Teeth cleaning — $10
  • Appointments for baths and touch-ups are required.
  • We will leave your dog confident, clean and fresh, and as handsome and beautiful as ever. Learn more here.