2020 Holiday Fund

December 16, 2020

Dear Happy Dogs members –

Instead of our normal holiday tip jar, this year we’re having a special Holiday Fund which you can contribute to online via the member website.

The Holiday Fund will be used for two things — for holiday bonuses for all team members who have chosen to work during the pandemic, and to help us as a company get through the winter and to the other side of the pandemic as needed.

The story of 2020 for Happy Dogs has been one of fortitude, change, and hope. In the face of a harsh reality for small businesses in the city, where many dog daycares have closed permanently, we have survived this far and are looking towards a brighter future next year and for years to come.  

We’ve survived thanks to your support. To those who prepurchased subscriptions or punchcards back in March, thank you. To those who have been able to come back since we re-opened, thank you for embracing our new safer and more efficient self-service protocols. To all who have sent messages of encouragement or written reviews or let us know your updates from afar, thank you (and we miss you).

Just as important, we survived thanks to our team members. We’ve continued amid all the upheaval to hold on to our top priority: dogs being happy through playing together. Happy Dogs, happy together! (And not just happy, but safe. Amidst everything this year, we’ve not just maintained our previous 99.98% safety record, but actually improved it.)

Thanks to you and thanks to our team members, all of us working together as partners as ever through this time, we are full of hope for 2021 and beyond. 

If you are able to contribute to our Holiday Fund, please do — via the member website or by emailing us an amount, which we will add to your account. Thank you!

To you and yours, happy holidays from all of us at Happy Dogs. We can’t wait be together again in 2021.

All the best,
Ien and Jennifer
Owners, Happy Dogs