Vaccine clinic

​November 2021 vaccine clinic

Date: Thursday, November 11. Please book via email by 4pm on Monday, November 8.

Here are all the details on how the vaccine clinic will work. 

  • The vet: We are working with Dr. Andrew Obstler, a local private vet with more than a decade of experience. Read about his qualifications here.
  • Reservation: The clinic is open to all Happy Dogs members. Your dog must be attending daycare that day and needs to be in house by 10am. To request a vaccination, just email us and let us know which shots your dog needs. 
  • Vaccines available: Rabies, distemper/parvo (DHPP), bordetella. If you need other shots, for instance, canine influenza, lepto, and lyme, please email us ahead of time so we can let Dr. Obstler know.
  • Physical exam: Dr. Obstler will do a quick mandatory physical exam before administering any vaccination. The fee for the quick exam is $25. Note that this is NOT a comprehensive wellness exam — it’s only to make sure there are no medical issues to address before giving the vaccines.
  • Dr. Obstler’s fees: Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella are $45 each. For prices of other vaccines you may be interested in, please contact him. You can also request a full comprehensive wellness exam for a fee of $85 (in lieu of $25).
  • No-show fee: If your pup doesn’t show up for a vaccine clinic visit by 10am the day of the clinic, and we haven’t received a cancellation at least 24 hours prior, then your Happy Dogs account will be charged a $20 no-show fee.
  • Payment process: For boring regulatory reasons, the payment must be made to Dr. Obstler directly. Dr. Obstler will invoice you directly. 
  • Records: Dr. Obstler will email us the updated vaccination records, which we will update to your dog’s profile. Please note it may take a couple days for the invoices to be processed. You can view and download your dog’s records using the member website, and then forward those to your regular vet as needed.
  • Participation in the vaccine clinic is completely voluntary. Happy Dogs is organizing this purely for your convenience and is not taking any admin fees for hosting it.