Happy Dogs release and waiver

Happy Dogs release and waiver

At Happy Dogs (including Happy Dogs, Inc. and all its subsidiaries and affiliates), we strive to provide a safe, social and stimulating environment for your dog during its stay.

While dogs are playing together, they run the risk of certain injuries such as scratches, cuts and sprained joints — not so different than kids playing sports at school. Such injuries are rare, but do happen at all doggy daycares. At Happy Dogs, we have procedures to screen all dogs for behavior that are unfit for daycare or boarding. While we love all dogs, for their safety, we do not intake dogs that exhibit aggressive or overly anxious behaviors. However, even the friendliest of dogs can get into fights with other friendly dogs with very little or no warning.

In addition to injuries, it is possible for dogs to transfer illnesses such as diarrhea or canine cough, even with all required vaccinations and boosters. Just like a daycare for children, illnesses such as pink eye or the flu may occur. We take the health of your dogs seriously, and all dogs must have the necessary vaccinations prior to check-in.

I have read and understand the following:

1. I understand that there are inherent and potential risks involved with interactions between humans and dogs, as well as between dogs and other dogs. I fully accept and assume all such risks. Except to the extent caused by Happy Dogs’ gross negligence or intentional misconduct, I acknowledge that Happy Dogs will not be liable for any claims of injury, illness, damage or death to my dog during its stay. Under no circumstances will Happy Dogs be liable for consequential damages.

2. I certify that all information disclosed in the registration form is complete and accurate. I have informed and shall continue to inform Happy Dogs on an ongoing basis any and all medical and behavioral condition. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify Happy Dogs from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses incurred by Happy Dogs arising out of or resulting from the actions of my dog during its stay at Happy Dogs.

3. If Happy Dogs determines in its sole discretion that my dog is unhealthy, undisciplined, aggressive, or exhibit behavior that may otherwise be considered dangerous to itself or others, Happy Dogs has the right to refuse or rescind services and may kennel my dog for the duration of its stay. Happy Dogs may refuse or rescind services if it determines that a customer behaves rudely or is otherwise disruptive to its operations.

4. I will not hold Happy Dogs liable or responsible for any loss or damage to any of my personal belongings that I may leave with my dog whether in day care, overnight boarding, or during a bath visit. I will not hold Happy Dogs liable or responsible for any damage caused by my dog left at my home if for any reason it is dropped off by Happy Dogs.

5. I agree that all photos and video footage taken of my dog while in the care of Happy Dogs may be used in advertising and marketing campaigns, website images and other uses for promoting the services of Happy Dogs.

6. I agree that, in the event my dog appears to be ill, injured or at significant risk of experiencing a medical problem, Happy Dogs, in its sole discretion, may seek veterinary care of its choosing on my behalf and that I will be responsible for all expenses. I agree that Happy Dogs will not be liable for the actions and decisions of the veterinarian. I agree to reimburse Happy Dogs if direct payment to the veterinarian cannot be made. I also agree to be responsible for any reasonable fees assessed by Happy Dogs for emergency care and transportation. I hereby give Happy Dogs full access to my dog’s health record from my veterinarian.

7. I agree not to harm Happy Dogs’ reputation in connection with any of the actions described above and will indemnify Happy Dogs against such damages caused by me.

8. I agree to pay for all fees, services and products with the credit card number provided at the time I pick up my dog. I authorize Happy Dogs to maintain my current credit card information on file to charge for any unpaid fees, services or products.

9. As part of our service we can send you automated text alerts regarding your dog and service with us. The amount of messages will vary based on your use of our service. Message and data rates may apply, depending on your mobile phone service plan. At any time you can get more help by replying HELP to these texts, or you can opt out completely by replying STOP. Mobile Terms of Service are available at  https://happydogsnyc.com/release-and-waiver/ and our Privacy Statement can be found at https://happydogsnyc.com/release-and-waiver/