Anniversary rebate (208)

10-year anniversary daycare rebate

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary, just in time for New York City’s steady re-opening, we’re celebrating with a July rebate (including the end of June)! The more you come, the more money back you get. Specifically:

  • If you have up to 8 daycare visits by July 31, you’ll get a 10% rebate.
  • If you have up to 16 daycare visits by July 31, you’ll get a 25% rebate.
  • If you have 17 or more daycare visits by July 31, you’ll get a 50% rebate.
  • The rebate will be based on the the number of visits between June 22 and July 31 and the total value of these visits.
  • No need to spend more money — if you already have a subscription or punchcard, you can put it to use, and we’ll rebate you based on the total per-day value used.
  • Baths/touch-ups during daycare visits count too! The cost will count towards the rebate amount.
  • No paperwork — just come as normal, and we’ll calculate the rebate and give it to you automatically on August 1