Cheat sheet (208)

Cheat sheet for daycare at Happy Dogs Southside

  • Address: 208 South 3rd Street (map)
  • Check-in hours:
    • Weekday:  
  • Check-out hours:
    • Weekday:
  • Contactless check in/out via member website 
    • When you arrive, please check in/out via our member website
    • This should be quicker for you and for us, and allows you to confirm any meal instructions
    • If you haven’t logged in to the member website before, please try to log in ahead of time to make sure it works — if you experience any issues, please email us so we can work to fix it.
  • Contactless check in/out via text message for friends or dog walkers without access to the member website
    • There will be a phone number posted to our front door in the morning. Your friend or dog walker should text that number with your dog’s security PIN.
    • You can find the security PIN in the member website, under your dog’s profile. Let us know if you have any trouble finding it.
    • Please don’t call — this number is for texting only! 🙂

Instructions for check-in/out

  • Request check-in/out on your mobile phone via our member website when you arrive
  • You can either wait inside or outside, whichever you prefer
  • We have floor markers indicating 6 feet apart inside
  • Please wear a mask, regardless if you are waiting inside or outside
  • We still want to minimize chit-chat at this time; any questions/issues, email us as always!

Special food request:

  • Label individual meal baggies or cans with dog’s name and breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • Use Sharpie or other non-smearing pen
  • Hand over without touching hands

Wear a mask (or other face covering if you don’t have access to a mask)

We’re excited to see your pup!