Hours (208)

What’s that you said?

We’re open! 🙂

We’re open for daycare at this location 5 days a week:

  • Monday-Thursdays: 7am – 8pm (early check in fee applies; see below)
  • Fridays: 8am-6pm
  • Saturdays: closed (see below about our McCarren Park location)
  • Sundays: closed (see below about our McCarren Park location

Early check in:

  • For checking in from 7 – 8am, there is normally a $5 early check in fee, which is discounted to $0 (i.e. free) for unlimited monthly subscribers, to $2 for other monthly subscribers, and to $3 for punchcard users.
  • No need to tell us in advance you want early check in; just come early as needed.
Sister location open 7 days a week:

Planning a visit

  • For daycare, pre-booking (via the member website) is encouraged but not required; we reserve a number of walk-in spots every day.
  • Subscribers are automatically booked for all subscribed days — just show up!
  • For boarding, pre-booking is required — use the member website
  • Baths during visits are available on first-come first-served basis (waitlist available); booking via member website is recommended to avoid disappointment.