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Daycare prices

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Our daycare prices start as low as $22.40 per day, depending on how often you come. There are three choices:

  1. Monthly subscriptions — recommended for regular schedules. You pick fixed days of the week each month (e.g. Mondays and Thursdays) and get our best pricing and perks. Some flexibility to accommodate last-minute changes with “switch-a-roos.” No long-term commitment: change days month-to-month; stop after any month; even cancel mid-month with our refund-for-credit guarantee.
  2. Punch cards — recommended for irregular schedules. Get a certain number of visits and use them when you want. Attractive per-visit rates plus lots of perks. Cancel anytime with our refund-for-credit guarantee.
  3. Pay as you go — for single visits, our rack rate is $40.00 per day.

Monthly subscriptions


Perks table

Pick-up & drop-off

Waterfront zoneZones 1, 2, and 3

  • Door-to-door pick-up and drop-off is available for daycare on weekdays.
  • No additional charge for picking up or dropping off siblings.


  • The Happy Dogs refund-for-credit guarantee — You can cancel your subscription or punchcard at any time, for any reason. Just let us know by the expiration date and we’ll credit you the full original cost of the subscription month or punchcard and then retroactively charge you for any visits and services used as if you never had the subscription or punchcard. Any daycare visits will be charged at the single day rate. Any perks used will be charged as if you didn’t have the perk. The leftover credit (if any) will remain on  your Happy Dogs account and will be automatically used for future charges.
  • Flexible start dates — start a subscription or punchcard on any day of the month; for punchcards, the valid period starts the first day you use it, regardless of when you bought it.
  • Auto-renewal by default — your subscription will automatically renew each month and your punchcard will renew on the first visit after the last one is finished. This ensures you continue to get the discounted prices. However, just let us know if you don’t want this. Remember, there’s no risk thanks to our refund guarantee — you can always cancel for a refund after renewal.
  • Subscribed days — with a monthly subscription, you can change your number of subscribed days and/or which days of the week on a month-to-month basis.
  • Switch-a-roos — we know life isn’t completely predictable; if you miss a subscribed day, you can use a switch-a-roo to come on a different day during the same week instead; 1/day and 2/day subscribers get 1 switch-a-roo per month; 3/day and 4/day subscribers get 2 switch-a-roos per month.
  • Additional days — if you have a monthly subscribers and come more than expected on any given week, your extra days will be charged at the rack rate.
  • Perks expire too — remember, all our lovely perks don’t roll over once your subscription or punchcard ends — so make sure to take advantage of them before it’s too late!

Boarding prices

  • Per night — $65, includes free daycare on the day of check-in
  • Checkout times — 10am on weekdays and Saturdays, 11am on Sundays
  • Staying for daycare — your dog is welcome to stay after the checkout time, in which case you will be charged $30 for up to 5 hours and $40.00 for more than 5 hours.
  • Holiday surcharge — $10 per night for New Years Day weekend, Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend (Friday-Monday, effective 2021), Presidents’ Day weekend (Friday-Monday), Easter weekend (Friday-Monday), Memorial Day weekend (Friday-Monday), July 4th weekend (Thursday-Sunday), Labor Day weekend (Friday-Monday), Columbus Day weekend (Friday-Monday), Veterans Day weekend, Thanksgiving (Wednesday-Sunday), Christmas (Dec. 23-27 for 2020), and New Year’s Eve.
  • Sibling discounts — 25% off.
  • Our boarding is always cage-free and supervised. Learn more here.

Baths and touch up prices

  • Baths — from $40 to $120 depending on breed, coat condition, and dog behavior; nail clip, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression included for free; please contact us for an estimate
  • Nail clip — $10
  • Ear cleaning — $10
  • Anal gland expression — $10
  • Any two of the above touch-ups — $15
  • All three of the above touch-ups — $25
  • Teeth cleaning — $10
  • Appointments required for all baths and touch-ups

All rates are subject to New York City tax. For clarity in the price tables above, per visit prices are rounded to the nearest 10 cents and the per visit discounts are rounded to the nearest whole percent.