The Happy Dogs Starter Pack for PCVST dog owners

The Happy Dogs Starter Pack for PCVST dog owners

A special offer for our PCVST neighbors.

As a chance to try us out for the first time — or for old members who have been away for more than 6 months to restart with us — for just $49.99, you get all of the following — a roughly $305 value:

  • Any 3 days of daycare (within any 2 weeks you prefer)
  • A $100 credit to spend on more daycare
  • A bath with touch-ups during a daycare or boarding visit
  • 25% off your first boarding visit
  • An individually written report card on your dog
  • A fun, shareable video of your dog at Happy Dogs

Also, to help you learn about us, you can also get:

  • An optional tour of Happy Dogs with the owner
  • An optional phone call with the owner for any questions

Learn about Happy Dogs in general here.

To get the above Starter Pack, email with the subject line “Starter Pack for PCVST” and we’ll get you started!

For a visual explanation, see below: