Daycare (326)

Happy Dogs, happy together.

Dogs are pack animals by nature. Many become anxious without interaction throughout the day. Rushed daily walks often aren’t enough. What they love is to play with doggie friends all day. That’s what daycare at Happy Dogs is all about. Scroll down to learn about our expert staff, socialization, staying organized, and trust and transparency (including live cams), or getting started.

Dogs learning how to be dogs.

All dogs, especially puppies, need socialization. They need to learn how to get along with other dogs, to read their cues, to make doggie friends. At Happy Dogs, socialization happens all day, every day. back to top

Expert referees of safe play.

Our safety record is unparalleled. We keep dogs safe while playing together using techniques based on dog psychology. No cages, leashes, spray bottles. No yelling or cajoling. Just safe, energetic play. back to top

Happy dog owners.

Our parents tell us it feels great seeing their pup get all excited to go spend the day playing with friends. And they love how their pup comes home tired, ready for calm, quality evening time at home. back to top

Keeping you on top of things.

Contactless check in/out via your mobile phone. Online bookings. Baths, nail trims, etc. by request. Vaccination reminders. We make the practical things hassle-free. back to top

For the family album.

We share regular pics and videos of your pup playing, napping, smiling. We do birthday pics, costume contests, and other fun photo ops. We share the happy moments of your dog growing up together. back to top

Trust and transparency.

Watch via our live cams. And we’ll proactively tell you if we think your dog isn’t happy with us, has behavior issues (with suggestions on what to do), or gets a scratch playing. What we know, you’ll know. back to top

Ready to join the pack?

If you think Happy Dogs might be right for you and your dog, we’d love to hear from you. We’re ready to begin a partnership in caring for your dog together. To get started, click here.